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Trent and Darcey returned to Anchorage after Mardi Gras. The fourth murder occurred the following week.Trent met his Anchorage friend Pete Kott for lunch at Fromagio’s, the excellent deli that offers a wide selection of cheeses. Every kind of cheese imaginable

“Four people killed in the same hospital by the same overdose of the same painkiller?” Pete queried.

“That’s it,” Trent said.

“Sounds suspicious, all right,” Pete agreed. “Do you have the names?”

Pete stopped him when Trent read off the third name.

What Pete told him next led to the solution.

The puzzle solved, Trent and Pete turned to more pleasant things. They each had ordered Fromagio’s Coppa Cubano Melt sandwich.

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Fromagio’s Coppa Cubano Melt

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