Travels Through a Life

I started writing this blog in 2012 for the fun of it. No other reason. I wanted to share my love of great restaurants, good food, and interesting places to visit. I’ve spent many pleasant hours here doing exactly that.

But nothing lasts forever. It’s time to move on. Time for change.

Am I closing down the blog? Nothing could be further from the truth. I’m changing it. Bringing it up to date so it more closely matches my life today.

When I started the blog, Trent Marshall and Darcey Anderson hadn’t yet been created. Darcey hadn’t met Trent. She didn’t know about his love of fast cars and guns; exotic cocktails and food fit for royalty. She wasn’t yet aware that he was easily bored and constantly sought adventure. She didn’t know how deeply she would become caught up in the world of Trent Marshall. And if she had been told then that she would be sworn in as a special deputy reporting to Sabine Parish Sheriff Jack Blake, she would not have believed it.

Now Trent and Darcey have been featured in two novels, The Empty Mint Mystery and Neighbors and Other Strangers. And for their many fans, you’ll be pleased to know that their third adventure, A Shooting at Auke Bay, will be available soon!

There are many references to food in the books. After publication of The Empty Mint Mystery, I received a message from a reader who swore he gained ten pounds just reading that book! I’m not sure you can gain weight just by reading about food but I do like hearing that people are reading.

I’ll still be contributing pieces here. But more and more you’ll be hearing from Trent, Darcey, their family, and friends. And you’ll find news about the books that chronicle their adventures. For today, I’ll commend to you the vegetable casserole I made one recent fall day. And, of course, my Molly ever hopeful to share my steak!

I hope you’ll feel free to respond to what you read here. It’s a great way for us to get to know each and to share our stories.

Bon temps!

Gordon Parker