Lobster with Spicy Green Beans

March 16, 2017 – My wife was proud of the bargain she had found at the grocery.  A bag of beautiful, fresh green beans.  She waved the bag in front of me.

“See if you can find something to do with these,” she challenged.

OK.  I was up for it.

Green beans take me back to my grandmother’s house.  They came fresh from her garden.  She would sit in the back yard with a bowl in her lap, stringin’ and snappin’.  Sometimes her sister would be there to help.  It wasn’t work for them.  It was a social occasion.

She never asked me to help.  My grandmother was far too indulgent for that.  But she enjoyed watching me play while she worked the beans.  Later they would simmer in a big pot on her stove with a ham shank, sending a mouth-watering aroma through the house.

But this is a different time and place.   Crisp tender was the way to go.  Maybe Asian.  Maybe something with the two lobster tails I had on hand. 

Lobster and green beans.  Asian condiments.  Very 21st century.  That could work.

Sriracha is an Asian chili sauce.  It’s spicy with a little heat.  Not a lot.  Just enough to add personality.

Hoisin sauce isn’t usually used with seafood.  But why be concerned with that?  While similar in makeup to sriracha, it adds extra oomph.  A little depth of flavor.

Here’s what I came up with.

You might think you’ll have green beans left over.  We didn’t.  They were that good.

Lobster with Spicy Green Beans

(Serves two)

3 tablespoons olive oil

2 lobster tails, meat removed from shells & roughly chopped

1 lb green beans, trimmed & cut into pieces (about two inches)

5 cloves garlic, minced

3 tablespoons sriracha sauce

1 tablespoon Hoisin sauce

Crushed red pepper to taste

Heat the olive oil in a wok until it is shimmering but not smoking.

Stir fry the lobster until it is no longer translucent.  Two or three minutes.  Remove it from the wok.

Toss the green beans and garlic into the still hot oil.  Add the sriracha, hoisin, and crushed red pepper.  Stir fry for five or six minutes until the beans are crisp tender.  Be careful not to over cook.

Add the lobster back to the wok.  Stir fry until the seafood is coated with the sauce and heated through.

Plate and serve.

Bon temps!